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StreetVoice is a publishing platform, but also a platform for interaction and community. Musician and composer, not just here to make their work more engaged in their community, and through interaction and exchanges with each other

StreetVoice was founded in the spring of 2006.
Our founding team with little manpower and costs, founded the website, but this dream began in 2000, maybe before.

StreetVoice, literally "Street"
Our idea is direct:
Most of our popular culture is made up of street culture or culture evolved,
So we can say that
The origin of every cultural trend of the times, all from the underlying idea and practice of youth.

StreetVoice initial plan is to have all kinds of creative talent to give "music, design, images, text," and other types of work in the hope that more people can have the opportunity to hear and see these works, and took note of the creation of human talent and ability.

StreetVoice not just a publishing platform, however, it is more of a platform for interaction and community. We hope that the music and creative people, not just here to make their works, we hope that they are able to run their own communities, and through interaction and communication, chemical change each other, inspired jointly or cross-border cooperation, even contributing new pop culture!

Simply put, StreetVoice not the end, on the contrary, it is a starting point, and hope that this starting point, through which all good processes can happen here.

StreetVoice 是一個作品發表平台,也是一個互動及社群的平台。音樂人及創作人,不只在這裡發表自己的作品,更能經營自己的社群,並透過互動與交流,彼此產生




然而StreetVoice 並不只是一個作品發表平台,它更是一個互動及社群的平台。我們希望音樂人及創作人,不只是在這裡發表自己的作品,更希望他們能夠經營自己的社群,並夠透過互動與交流,彼此產生化學變化,激發共同創作或者跨界合作,甚至促成新的流行文化的發生!

簡單的說,StreetVoice 不是終點,相反的,它是一個起點,希望透過這個起點,讓一切美好的過程都能夠在這裡發生。

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